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Daybear helps you keep track of children for a small home daycare or for babysitting. Daybear also streamlines the task of sending daily reports to the parents, and guardians of a child by offering a simple interface to record meals, activities, naps, diaper changes and notes. Sending a report is done using email.

Main Menu

iPhone Main Menu

From the top menu you can select:

  • Credits
  • Provider
  • Children
  • Reports

iPad users note: The main menu can be accessed from any other place in the app by selecting Menu at the top left.


From the credits screen you can see who contributed to the creation of Daybear.


The provider screen allows you to select a contact from your iOS device's contacts to represent you or your Daycare. This information is used when building a report but is entirely optional.


The children screen allows you to specify children to be managed by the app. You can record:

  • first and last name
  • a photo
  • contact information both for sending reports an for reference
  • allergies
  • meal restrictions
  • any other information can be recorded as a free form text note


The reports screen allows you to generate a report for a child for a specific day (today by default). You can record:

  • meals
  • activities
  • naps
  • potty breaks or diaper changes
  • any other information that can be captured as a note

After a report has been created it can be sent to the child's primary contacts via email. An email will be automatically generated by Daybear and written from the child's perspective. It can then be reviewed and sent.